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Player Technology Overview

ObjectBuilders’ LiveApp Player uses the latest Player Technology that enables customers to assemble and deploy their own custom solutions.

Player Technology has three components:

  • LiveXML, ObjectBuilders’ XML vocabulary for describing applications
  • Assembly Tools for integrating data and functionalities and creating applications
  • LiveXML Players for rendering and deploying (or “playing”) LiveApp Solutions

The key concept behind Player Technology is the use of a document paradigm to deploy applications.

Most computer users are familiar with Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format), the standard for displaying static, page-oriented content. A user creates a document with a word processor and saves it as PDF. Anyone with Acrobat Reader can then display the document. The PDF file is “played” in Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. Acrobat Reader runs on just about any platform.

ObjectBuilders Player Technology works the same way. You use LiveModeler and LiveIntegrator, the two Assembly Tools, to assemble an application that is represented in LiveXML format. LiveXML files encapsulate data, business logic, and presentation – all of the elements that are required to execute an application – as an XML document. The document is then “played” in one or more LiveXML Players.

LiveApp Player
Adobe™ Reader


Create, modify and maintain high quality, portable business solutions
High quality print rendition
High quality presentations
Assembly Tools
LiveIntegrator™,LiveModeler™, and any XML based editor or tool
LiveXML Player
Adobe™ Reader
PowerPoint Viewer

The power of Player Technology lies in its ability to create and deploy solutions effortlessly. LiveXML documents are assembled easily with powerful real-time WYSIWYG tools. The data abstraction tool, the LiveModeler, is used to create an XML model representing all existing and new business data and functionality into one seamless virtual business object model. The composite application tool, the LiveIntegrator, is used for integrating this disparate business data and functionality into a composite business solution. Furthermore, because LiveXML documents are regular XML documents, they integrate with a wide variety of configuration management tools, development tools, servers and enterprise applications.





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