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The Software Factory, Software Manufacturing


An Alternative to Offshore - Solutions Completed in 30 to 60 Days

The challenges of traditional business application development are substantial, for both business and government organizations. For years, businesses, and federal and state agencies alike, have put up with long and costly delays between conceptualization and finished product - only to find that the overdue application, when finally complete, no longer meets their shifting mission or business objectives. Sadly, this scenario is far too common. In addition, most businesses are finding that offshore development has many hidden risks and has not solved the challenges of traditional business application development.

Now, thanks to The Software Factory™ at ObjectBuilders, you can assemble business applications 2 to 3 times faster than traditional development methods - with costs that are competitive with offshore. Our factory approach does for software development what the modern industrial assembly line did for the Model T.

What is the Software Factory™

The software factory has been talked about for years, but never fully achieved until ObjectBuilders began working on the issue. The idea's origins stem from the tech boom of the early 90s, which never realized the full potential of the concept. Only The Software Factory™ at ObjectBuilders has been able to achieve a superior level of application assembly, by utilizing the fundamentals of industrial manufacturing -- standardized components, specialized skill sets, parallel processes and a scaleable consistency of quality. The result is two-fold: a dramatically accelerated development cycle and much lower costs. In short, our process works because our applications are 100% assembled.

Like any other manufacturing process, The Software Factory™ at ObjectBuilders is comprised of four key operational stages:

  1. Preparation: All manufacturing starts with a Specification. Some more complicated than others. Here, we use common Software Development Specifications optimized for the Software Factory.
  2. Engineering: This is where ObjectBuilders Engineers review the Specifications and prepare the Software Factory to assemble the Business Application. The Specification is divided into Jobs that are prepped and delivered to the Assembly Floor.
  3. The Assembly Floor: An assembly area where our specialized software assemblers create a wide variety of business software applications using a Virtual Conveyor Belt of multiple workstations working in parallel, each responsible for a specific part of a Job.
  4. Fulfillment: The final stage in the manufacturing process where the final product is inspected and packaged for delivery to the customer.

The Software Factory Benefit

The Software Factory™ at ObjectBuilders offers substantial advantages for companies and organizations looking for effective, rapid, cost-efficient software solutions:

  • Assembling standard software components is a superior way to build business applications - at an accelerated pace (2 to 3 times faster) and for less money (50% less). Most applications can be delivered 30 to 60 days after the Specification is completed.
  • Internal IT resources benefit by having the ability to outsource the routine tasks involved in developing business applications.
  • Because we apply industrial assembly techniques, we can reduce construction time and optimize the Specification process, saving time, money and headaches.
  • Leveraging US-based software factories keeps jobs in the US, where currently up to two-thirds of all large system integrators' staffing is offshore.





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