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Player Technology consists of three key components: Documents, Assembly Tools, and Players. LiveXML is an XML vocabulary developed by ObjectBuilders for representing business applications as documents. LiveXML documents are assembled using LiveIntegrator and LiveModeler, the Player Technology Assembly Tools. Applications described in LiveXML are run on the LiveXML Player.

Player Technology
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LiveIntegrator™, LiveModeler™,
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LiveXML Player

XML (Extensible Markup Language) is the de facto standard for business data representation and integration. XML vocabularies, or schemas, are sets of tags that describe and constrain the content of XML documents. ebXML (Electronic Business XML), for example, specifies a content coding scheme for electronic business documents. The family of XML standards includes XSLT (Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation) for translating documents in one vocabulary to another. LiveApp Solutions, LiveXML, LiveApp Player Suite and other components of ObjectBuilders’ technology conform to and fully support XML and related standards such as SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and Web Services.

LiveXML documents describe everything that is necessary to execute the application within thin, full, rich and mobile clients – data, presentation, and business logic. The value of this approach is significant. Applications are represented as documents, not in code. Using a document paradigm as the foundation for its Player Technology gives custom and packaged solutions flexibility, scalability, and agility:

  • Solutions can be run anywhere, any time – even when not connected to the Internet – because LiveXML documents are complete applications.
  • Solutions can be easily maintained and modified with ObjectBuilders Assembly Tools or with any third-party XML tool because they are XML documents.
  • Solutions can be simultaneously deployed on multiple types of clients because the application is a document, not software code.
  • Solutions can be quickly and easily integrated with any software product that can read and write XML (virtually all enterprise software products on the market today) because they are completely represented in XML.
  • Solutions keep pace with technology, allowing organization to upgrade their solutions regularly.

LiveXML documents are centrally maintained. New versions can be posted the same way that a page is updated on a Web site – by simply copying the document to the appropriate directory on the production file system. Because applications are documents not code, the same functionality is immediately available regardless of deployment architecture.

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