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LiveApp Thin Client GUI Library

ObjectBuilders extensive GUI library is available for free and is fully supported by ObjectBuilders. This is the same GUI library that is currently being used by many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies.

ObjectBuilders GUI library is easy to use and designed to maximize your productivity. It contains everything that is needed to create simple web applications to powerful enterprise grade solutions. The GUI library provides an elegant UI with stunning performance and countless features.

Whether you are building applications in ASP.NET, PHP, or any other web technology the component library is easy to integrate. The GUI library is intuitive and feature rich. It has been highly optimized for usability and performance. The easy to use library contains many full featured UI controls, each having a wide range of options and each fully customizable for your theme.

Use the ObjectBuilders GUI library completely free and open sourced to create visually impressive applications that are rich in functionality. Below are just some of the components in the GUI library:


The following is a list of currently released components. For other component needs, please contact us.

Button Calendar Check Box
Combo Box Data Grid Dock Bar
Flow Layout Grid Group Box
Hyper Link Image Viewer Label
Link Label Progress Bar Push button
Process Route Progress Step Radio Button
Rich Text Editor Scroll Panel Slider
Tab Control TextBox Toggle Button
Tool Tip Tree View Viewer
Window Wizard Panel  


  • Highly configurable - Thousands of properties and features allow you to get the controls to look and behave exactly the way you need. Virtually any aspect of a control can be modified, including the icons, the colors, the images, the fonts.

  • Cross Browser Compatible - works with Safari, Chrome, IE, Firefox and Opera

  • Works with any server side technology including PHP, JSP and ASP.NET

  • Works with static HTML pages

  • HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript standards compliant

  • High performance - as an example, our Grid has been tested to handle 50,000+ plus rows on the client side

  • Ready for touch and mobile devices

  • Fully CSS enabled - use style sheets to create your own look and feel, or use ours. Fully themed and customizable

  • Completely free to use for both commercial and personal use

  • Fully supported by ObjectBuilders

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