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Industry Involvement

ObjectBuilders takes an active industry role and has cultivated strong relationships with some of the most influential thought leaders in its field. Here are some of ObjectBuilders' recent industry activities.

Open Source

ObjectBuilders is now part of the growing open source community by making part of its robust LiveApp Player Suite available for free use. Now ObjectBuilders offers its extensive GUI library – the same GUI library that is currently being used by many government agencies and Fortune 500 companies – for free.

XML Handbook

Dr. Charles Goldfarb is the father of XML technology, having invented SGML, on which XML and HTML are based. ObjectBuilders is proud to announce that its LiveApp Player is featured in the new Fifth Edition XML Handbook’s coverage of portable rich client applications.

The XML Handbook is the definitive entry point to XML for Web professionals - content developers, managers, and programmers. Other companies with products featured in the Fifth Edition include Adobe, IBM, Intel, Microsoft and other industry leaders. XML Handbook Press Release

Industry and Government Initiatives

ObjectBuilders is involved in several important industry and government initiatives, including:
  • Participation and leadership roles in the Federal CIO Council, Federal Enterprise Architecture Committee and Industry Advisory Council.
  • Pilot Projects within the Federal Government where ObjectBuilders has demonstrated the ability to deliver on the four key items articulated in most e-government initiatives: reuse, integration, change management, and multiple deployment options.
  • The respect and regard ObjectBuilders has gained while serving on various Federal Government Committees recently led to a request that ObjectBuilders co-chair of the Emerging Technology Committee. ObjectBuilders is tasked with helping advise the Federal Government on the identification, adoption and insertion of new and emerging technologies.




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