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Cable and Satellite

Mergers, mega-mergers, ever-changing relationships and service areas – all these factors define the complex world the cable and satellite providers face. Factors driving this industry’s complexity include the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which removed barriers to entry into cable operations by phone companies. Additionally, these providers IT systems need to handle high volume, with literally thousands of partners and millions of transactions per day. To survive in this rapidly changing, highly competitive market, cable providers not only need to find effective ways to manage multiple channel relationships, they need to track the relationships to determine their viability and profitability.

Cable and Satellite Partner Solution

ObjectBuilders’ LiveApp Solution for Partner Settlement enables companies to succeed in the new connected economy. The Solution delivers business agility by enabling you to manage thousands of unique partner contracts that generate millions of transactions a day and handle the many data feeds that automatically settle contractual agreements. LiveApp Solution for Partner Settlement organizes, processes, calculates, reconciles, facilitates payments and receipts, and provides output payment files and reports.

Companies with large partner networks use LiveApp Solution for Partner Settlement to manage complexities of financial relationships with partners that include:

  • Multiple unique contracts and revenue-sharing scenarios
  • Flexible incentives and commission structures
  • Real-time settlement transactions, up to millions per day
  • Automated exception handling and dispute resolution
  • Digital content rights and usage tracking
  • Integration and analysis of various data feeds

LiveApp Solution for Partner Settlement easily integrates with existing systems including:

  • Legacy systems and mainframes, document management systems, OCR/ICR, etc…
  • Application Servers such as Web Logic, WebSphere etc…
  • Enterprise Databases, AP, ERP, CRM, SCM Systems, etc…
  • Cable and Satellite Resolution Management Solution

Multiple partner, channel and customer relationships ultimately mean one thing for cable and satellite providers’ financial systems: a greater number of transactional errors and exceptions. Exception management presents a tremendous opportunity for improved business process and financial performance, due to the large number of partner-based and other financial transactions that, due to information errors, do not complete.

ObjectBuilders’ eResolve LiveApp Solution offers organizations the ability to visually model their business processes and apply workflow automation rules across all revenue and transaction channels. Powerful customer service management capabilities, coupled with advanced analytical and business performance features, deliver cost savings and enhanced performance, as well as heightened customer and partner satisfaction.

Like all ObjectBuilders LiveApp Solutions, eResolve is designed to integrate seamlessly with your systems, enabling you to extend, enhance and evolve your existing IT infrastructure. eResolve is fully compatible with ObjectBuilders’ LiveApp Solution for Partner Settlement and other leading systems.




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