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LiveApp Solutions for Resolution Management

ObjectBuilders knows that the industry leaders in the next decade will be those companies that exploit technological innovations and focus on core business processes critical to bottom-line success. The trend toward Straight-Through Processing (STP) within the financial services industry reflects this as firms strive to become more efficient and cost effective by automating their core business processes, integrating partners and reducing paper. However, the challenge is that a significant portion of a firm's expenses can be traced to the management and resolution of exceptions - an area that has not seen much in the way of automation over the past decade.

ObjectBuilders eResolve LiveApp Solution offers firms the opportunity to automate and improve their essential request, resolution and reconciliation processes - the exception management lifecycle. Powerful request, resolution and reconciliation management capabilities, coupled with advanced reporting and analysis, deliver cost savings and enhanced performance, as well as heightened customer satisfaction.

Like all ObjectBuilders LiveApp Solutions, eResolve is pre-assembled and designed to integrate seamlessly with your systems, enabling you to extend, enhance and evolve your existing IT infrastructure.


The Challenge

Financial services firms face a number of constraints in today's unstable economy, chief among them are declining profits and decreased transactions. From a systems and operations standpoint, resolution management presents perhaps the greatest area for cost savings and improved efficiency, as a substantial percentage of firms' expenses can be traced to transactions that, due to information errors, result in exceptions, manual processing and fulfillment. To manage exceptions effectively, firms need real-time control over the resolution lifecycle to track requests, resolve exceptions and reconcile deficiencies before they cause a transaction to fail or result in manual processing.

The Resolution Management Software Solution

ObjectBuilders' eResolve offers organizations the ability to automate their request, resolution and reconciliation processes, from end to end. This scalable solution enables firms to reduce transaction costs, eliminate unnecessary paper, gain visibility into critical financial and operational data, ultimately, resulting in enhanced operational and financial performance and improved customer service.

eResolve extends the capabilities of your current systems, allowing financial services firms to rapidly implement automated processes for resolution (exception) management. The solution gives users real-time visibility into - and control over - the entire transaction lifecycle, greatly enhancing the ability to identify and resolve errors and head off failures before they occur. The solution offers flexibility and agility to respond to changing business and regulatory requirements. In fact, 80 percent of modification to the solutions can be made by business users rather than IT staff.




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