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The Challenge

Financial executives need confidence in the accuracy of their financial data for many reasons, such as regulatory compliance, informed decision-making, capital management, and cash-flow planning. As financial experts, they are also looking for the most cost-effective solutions that meet their immediate and long-range needs – solutions that deploy rapidly, integrate with – and enhance the value of – existing IT infrastructure, and can easily adapt to meet changing business and organizational needs.

The Reconciliation Software Solution

LiveApp Solution for Reconciliation gives Global 2000 companies increased visibility into the financial accuracy of relationships with partners, customers and business units – by utilizing a 100 percent audit. The solution enables organizations to fully reconcile systems, processes, and business relationships with complete confidence.

What if you could look at your financial data in a whole new way? The strength of LiveApp Solution for Reconciliation lies in its ability to go beyond the capabilities available in financial reporting tools. With LiveApp Solution for Reconciliation, you can process and easily create new transactions based on a set of business rules. This powerful capability provides significant advantage over simple reporting because you can automatically run all business rules and exceptions against the detail data, producing exact results.

The five steps to performing an accurate audit using LiveApp Solution for Reconciliation are:

  1. Identify the business relationships and associated data to audit.
  2. Import the data into Reconciliation Solution.
  3. Configure and validate business rules and exceptions using the Administrative Interface.
  4. Process the transactions.
  5. Report and reconcile the results using the Solution, your installed financial software packages and other reporting tools.

Whether you are conducting internal or external audits on a regular basis or preparing for formal audit activity, LiveApp Solution for Reconciliation will give you unprecedented visibility into the accuracy of your business data – and the flexibility and adaptability to meet your reconciliation over the long haul.




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