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ObjectBuilders Introduces "The Software Factory" An Alternative to Offshore Outsourcing

Applications are Constructed in 30 to 60 Days

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - June 9, 2006 - ObjectBuilders, a leading provider of assembled software solutions, announces the opening of The Software Factory™ at ObjectBuilders, one of the world's first operational facilities to utilize industrial manufacturing techniques and standardized components to create custom business applications. The Software Factory, located at the company's corporate headquarters in suburban Philadelphia, enables the rapid assembly of business applications. Most applications regardless of size are constructed in 30 to 60 days - many times faster than traditional software development methods. For example, the Software Factory recently completed and delivered a totally custom application, created from a 700 page specification, for a Fortune 500 company in less than 60 days. The cost of having the Software Factory create a business solution is competitive to offshore outsourcing but without the risk.

The Software Factory assembles custom business applications using common third party products (Microsoft Access, Business Objects Crystal Reports, FileNet Process Designer and Others), combined with ObjectBuilders Composite Application products (The LiveIntegrator™ and The LiveModeler™) to produce almost any custom business solution.

Kenneth Swimm, former President of Lockheed Martin Management and Data Systems said "Leveraging US Based resources and factories to create custom software applications at the same cost of offshore development, in less time with reduced risk, can not only help solve challenges US corporations and governments are facing but also provide exciting opportunities and experience for the US workforce."

According to Robert L. Schmitter, ObjectBuilders President and CEO, The Software Factory is an attractive alternative to offshore development. "In an era when the economy dictates offshore outsourcing, we provide a cost-effective alternative."

The Software Factory facility is already assembling applications for clients in many industries: Financial, Banking, Insurance, Mortgage, Government, Manufacturing, Entertainment and Retail. The business applications produced by the factory include the latest products and technologies like: ECM, BPM, XML AJAX, SOA, web services as well as traditional products and technology.

For more information about The Software Factory at ObjectBuilders, contact the company at (912) 228-3155 or visit its website at www.objectbuilders.com.

About ObjectBuilders

Headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, ObjectBuilders delivers highly stable, low risk, open-architecture solutions that can be completely customized to fit client needs. Founded in 1994, the company was an early innovator of software assembly, which resulted in the implementation of a true "Software Factory", a cost-effective method for constructing complex, reliable custom applications at an accelerated pace and reduced cost.





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