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Partner Program

ObjectBuilders allows its business partners to focus more time on their customers business by allowing them to focus less time on technology.

Benefits of ObjectBuilders' Partnership Program:

  • Leverage application development into products and intellectual property
  • Deliver products to market faster
  • Build competitive advantage and differentiator against competition
  • Win deals that your organization otherwise would have not bid
  • Focus on client business needs, not technology
  • Enhance productivity by employing an assembly/virtual construction approach to solutions
  • Provide ability to rapidly configure and deploy to specific customer needs

In today's complex technology marketplace, no one company can be an expert in all of the aspects required to develop and deploy specialized solutions. And in today's highly specialized world, virtually no solution is delivered "out of the box."

In response, ObjectBuilders is creating a network of strategic partners to build or market applications that address specific industry needs. This approach allows partners to share resources and compliment each other's strengths while creating LiveApp Solutions that address highly specialized client requirements.

Become a partner today.

Together as a team, we will establish LiveApp Solutions and the LiveApp Player Suite as the preferred standard for business solutions.






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