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Mobile Case Management

The Challenge

Government agencies at the state and local levels are under constant pressure to consistently deliver cost-effective services, and provide them to constituents whenever and wherever needed. Budget reductions have resulted in the need to cut labor costs, which in turn leads to a thinning pool of experienced employees. In addition, significant failures in the system highlight and have ignited public concern over the agencies' ability to meet growing constituent demands. Now they must meet these demands with fewer resources. This is all compounded by a host of new regulatory mandates that place even greater requirements on the shoulders of government agencies.

To keep pace with these and other pressing developments, state and local government agencies must find ways to:

  • Improve Employee Productivity - The current workforce must be able to do more, and do it better. Mobile employees need to be able to operate at a high level and with greater accuracy. However, agencies are often unable to ensure that their remote workers are filling even their most basic job responsibilities.
  • Automate & Streamline Business Processes - Current processes are largely labor-intensive, grossly inefficient, and need to be vastly improved to reduce downtime and improve overall quality. Business processes that span multiple jurisdictions, however, are difficult to track and verify. Plus, employees are often resistant to change as a general rule, making matters even worse.
  • Better Manage Information - Agencies need to improve their ability to consolidate, distribute and track high volumes of critical information, including that which resides in legacy systems. This is a challenge in itself, but the information still needs to be extended out to the mobile workers so they can access and use it to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

To address these critical requirements, agencies need an enterprise system that integrates seamlessly with existing applications and extends enhanced capabilities to their mobile employees.

The Mobile Case Management Solution

ObjectBuilders' Government Mobile Case Management Solution. Based on FileNet's P8 architecture and ObjectBuilders patented business process integration software this system works to schedule events or normal operational tasks for the Mobile Worker. It enables field employees to perform various inspection, investigation and case management tasks while completely disconnected from the enterprise by providing direct access to networked information and all required functionality. This makes it possible for them to make fast and accurate decisions at the moment it matters most.

The Mobile Case Management Solution automatically provides mobile employees with a "Mobile Packet" that contains all the data, records, and materials needed to complete an assigned task. This Mobile Packet can include scheduling, pre-populated forms, historical records, instructions and any content that an organization deems necessary for the employee to get their work done properly.

The packet is delivered to the employee's Tablet PC, which serves both as a networked docking station and a mobile information collection station. The systems are extremely flexible and extensible, and can be deployed specifically as a user-friendly, automated metaphor for the traditional clipboard.

Value Proposition

The Government Mobility Solution helps state and local government agencies engage their mobile workforce to improve efficiency and quality, reduce costs, and build trust among their constituents.

It delivers significant benefits to these organizations, including:

  • A More Productive Workforce - By improving employees' ability to closely inspect and monitor facilities, agencies can effectively increase citizen satisfaction and ensure a higher level of public health and safety.
  • Increased Process Efficiency - Automated processes and streamlined operations facilitate vastly improved quality of work, reduced operating costs, and faster more timely response to constituent demands.
  • Better Overall Performance - Agencies can realize significant performance increases by utilizing FileNet's many process capabilities, including improved information management, increased collaboration and responsiveness, and better employee productivity.

By combining FileNet and ObjectBuilders software with Fujitsu's expert resources, the Government Mobility Solution provides agencies with a much-needed tool for mobile data collection - one that is powerful, flexible and highly configurable.

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