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Leveraging Existing Infrastructure

LiveApp Solutions

LiveApp Solutions automate complex business processes such as compensation management, partner settlement, financial settlement, and reconciliation. Our customers use many different types of systems to manage individual functions within these processes, including financial systems, HR systems, databases, content management systems, and reporting tools. Automating processes means tying together these disparate systems, opening gateways to the data that they contain, and moving data and business objects throughout a complete workflow. Where there is automation, there must be integration. That integration must be seamless, robust, reliable, and easy to perform, manage, and maintain.

Integration capabilities are a true strength of ObjectBuilders packaged LiveApp Solutions and solutions developed by customers and partners with LiveApp Player. LiveApp Solutions integrate seamlessly and easily with your existing IT infrastructure, leveraging – and increasing the value of – existing IT investments. The solutions extend, not replace, systems already in place. They integrate existing products with new capabilities to leverage their individual power to create new solutions that solve real business problems.


The LiveModeler tool enables customers to “tie everything together” – data, functionalities, processes and transactions across back-end data sources and servers. In essence, LiveModeler integrates an organization’s entire back-end technology into a single business object model, resulting in true enterprise infrastructure integration (EII).

LiveModeler enables organizations to tie together every tier of their IT infrastructure – and more important, leverage their investments in today’s leading enterprise application, server, and database products, as shown below.

LiveApp Solutions Integration:

LiveModeler ties together IT infrastructure tiers





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